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Cheryl has long experience delivering workshops and residencies, working with schools, colleges, universities, libraries, prisons, theatres and more. She’s worked with people as young as pre-school, and as old as 90+.

While Cheryl tailors workshops to the individual groups, these can give an idea of the kinds she has done:





* Early years song writing, using toys as starting points

* Primary Years 4 – 6, poems, short stories or monologues using photos as starting points

* High School/ A-Levels, residencies, week-long, preferably in conjunction with museum/gallery exhibits, creating songs, poems, stories and monologues using exhibits as starting points


Libraries, hospitals, prisons, theatres, youth groups


* Poetry workshops looking at use of senses and imagery to paint pictures in readers’/listeners’minds

* Drama workshops




* Creating character

* Looking at structure

* Using personal experience to create narrative

* How to create subtext

* Making characters sound real – dialogue

* Drama workshops




* Making a character yours

* Actioning

* Diction

* Understanding and speaking Shakespeare


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